How to play

Download XMP Community Edition 1.0

If the Master Server is down:
Go to Options -> Game -> Master Server Addresses -> Change and use
port 27900

Tell others when you are able to play: xmp games - february 2019

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Change your player name under "Options -> Game -> Name"

I suggest setting the font to large under "Options -> Game -> Message / Death Font

For automatic holding of the use key, go to "Options -> Ctrls -> Custom" and bind the command "unuse | onrelease use" (without quotes) to any key you like (I use F)

Bind "togglebehindview" to any key you like (I use C). This allows you to quickly toggle between first person and third person mode. Essential for concussion-jumping with the Gunner.

Ingame, bring up the console and type "fov 105" to increase your field of view.

Ingame, bring up the console and type "setsensitivity X.XXXXX" to precicesly finetune your mouse sensitivity. I use 0.4. Also disable "Mouse Smoothing" in the input settings.

When you open the server browser the first time, it will tell you that something is wrong with the masterserver - don't mind this - you will still be able to see servers.


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